Monday, December 27, 2010

Canadian Bacon, EH??

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The holiday season, among other things, means days off from work and a lot of days where restaurants are closed. For me, this has equaled many home-made brunches! I love egg dishes such as frittatas and eggs benedict, especially with a side of bacon. Although delicious, bacon has beyond its share of saturated fat, which does not do our hearts well. But, did you know that Canadian bacon has all of the same great taste with much less of the fat? That’s right, Canadian Bacon is a lean meat!

Why Have You Done a Good Thing?
A lean meat, such as Canadian bacon is 45 calories and 0-3g fat per oz VS. a high-fat meat, such as traditional bacon which is 100 calories and >8g fat per oz. SO, in 1, 3 oz serving of Canadian bacon (about 3 slices) you could save ~165 calories and >21g fat (mostly saturated “bad” fat).

Find Canadian bacon at most grocery stores or at the meat butcher.
Slice it extra thin if you want it to crisp up like the real thing.
Bake it in the oven on baking cooling racks, placed inside of baking sheets so the fat drips off, keeping it extra lean, and crispy. (You can also cook it on the stove, simply add non-stick spray)
Use Canadian bacon in:
-Any egg dish or egg sandwich (try using half eggs and half egg whites for added protein minus saturated fat)
-Pasta dishes that call for pancetta (use whole wheat pasta and load up on the veggies)
-Make a Canadian-BLT or turkey club sandwich (skip the mayo and try some avocado as a spread)

--Samantha Jacobs, RD

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