Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Dietitian's Dilemma

Yes, we are all human. We all have struggled with health, exercise, and weight. Even us dietitians slip up now and then. And slip up I did…

So I thought I would share my current struggles with all of you, hoping to give you honesty, advice, and maybe even some motivation. As most of you know, I spend quite a lot of time in Mexico City. After subjecting my stomach to some painful fights with bacteria, it had finally settled down and eased its way into the Mexican food culture. I was ecstatic to be healthy and free to eat whatever I wanted here. There we begin my downfall...

After a month of tacos, quesadillas, empanadas, cheese galore, and general laziness- I returned home to NY only to realize that I had brought home more than I bargained for (in terms of weight, that is) Oh no, a dietitians dilemma, weight gain! 7 pounds, to be exact.

So…what does a dietitian do when faced with this way too common problem? Sign up for a 5K race and get back on a healthy eating plan! I know what you’re thinking…oh yea the dietitian can run a 5 K no problem…wrong! I must admit that here in Mexico (7,500 feet above see level) I am currently only able to run 0.5 miles without needing a walking break.

Why Have You Done A Good Thing?

Although the altitude and pollution definitely make it tough, I know that by making this commitment, I am definitely doing a good thing. My grandfather always used to say, “you need to know where you’re going before can figure out how to get there.” Setting small, reasonable goals is the key to weight loss. For me (being a novice runner) a 5K run is a perfect goal. What’s your perfect exercise goal?

So stay tuned as I fill you in on my journey to run a 5K and eat healthy here in Mexico. I’ll tell you what I’m eating, how I’m running, and struggles I face along the way. With recipes, meal plans, and pictures, you will have everything you need to jump on board.

Day 1:

Luna Bar and banana for breakfast, egg white and onion omelet with 1 piece of whole-wheat toast for lunch and 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese, snack: yogurt, fish with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms with brown rice and green salad for dinner. Snack: orange. Want this dinner recipe? Click Here!

I am dreading the run. Put a new playlist on my Ipod for inspiration (top 50 workout mix from itunes). Hope it works…

Back from the run (mostly walk)- not so bad! Feel great and ready to hit Parque Mexico again tomorrow.

Check back for an update on my progress, more recipes & photos of my meals. And if any of you are in the same position as me- please jump on board and share your stories-- good luck!

--Samantha Jacobs, MS RD CDN

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